Amazon Top 10 Best Selling Author Christopher ”Tiki Chris” Pinto is the author of two paranormal mystery novels and cheif writer of the Tiki Lounge Talk Blounge (web lounge).



Jennifer's Murder
 (by Christopher Pinto)

Murder Under the Boards-Atlantic City Murder Mystery Book

NEW RELEASE! Two young woman fight for their souls in this sexy Noir paranormal thriller.

Print: $12.99

eBook: $3.99


Murder Behind The Closet Door: Wildwood Paranormal Mystery
(by Christopher Pinto)

murder behind the closet door by chris pinto

AMAZON #1 BESTSELLER! Ghosts & murder, featuring Detective Bill Riggins.

Print: $14.95

eBook: $3.99


How To Kill Vampires
because they are unnatural jerks
(by Christopher Pinto & CRYSTOBAL)

how to kill vampires

Full Color, delux graphics on every page! Humorous, sarcastic guide to killing vampires. Photos & more!

Print: $13.10


Murder Under The Boards: The Atlantic City Paranormal Mystery
(by Christopher Pinto)

how to kill vampires

Murder, lies, and a twisting paranormal mystery in the World's Playground.

Print: $4.78

eBook: $3.99


Murder on Tiki Island
(by Christopher ”Tiki Chris” Pinto)

murder on tiki island by chris pinto

AMAZON #1 BESTSELLER! The Key West Paranormal Mystery, featuring Detective Bill Riggins.

Print: $16.75

eBook: $3.99


A Flash of Noir
(by Christopher Pinto)

flash of noir

Flash fiction and short, short stories with a noir twist. Over 30 stories plus B&W photos.

Print: $6.49

eBook: $2.99


NEW! Murder Behind the Closet Door ABRIDGED Edition

murder abridged

For those of you with ADD, her's a 100-page shorter version of Murder Behind the Closet Door in 3 volumes!

Print: TBA

eBook: $.99


Coming Soon: Love Stories are Too Violent For Me
(by Will Viharo)

flash of noir

Soon to be a movie! New re-issue of Viharo's classic Vic Valentine novel will be availble summer, 2013. Click 'details' for official announcement.



The Parrot Talks in Chocolate
(by Everett Peacock)

the parrot talks in chocolate

The Life and Times of a Hawaiian Tiki Bar, featuring the tropical splendor of Maui.

Print: $7.99

eBook: $4.99


Last Call at Tikilandia: The Art of Robert Jimenez


A book of originalart that includes subjects as diverse as Groucho Marx, Santa Claus, Chimps and Tikis.

Print: $19.95


This Is Vintage Now
(Vintage music compilation produced by David Gasten)

this is vintage now

From Jump Blues to Exotica, a collection of vintage & retro tunes for today's audience.

Download: $9.77


A Mermaid Drowns in the Midnight Lounge (by Will Viharo)


A lushly lurid, exotically exploitative, sensationally sensual pulp-noir potpourri.

Print: $15.00

eBook: $3.99

tiki lounge talk ad

Stardust Mysteries is dedicated to bringing exciting new murder mysteries and vintage-syle and retro-style books and ebooks to people who love to read. Featuring the works of author Christopher Pinto, Stardust Mysteries also includes works by great new authors including Everett Peacock and Will Viharo, as well as artists such as Robert Jimenez. All of our books embody the spirit of classic retro, vintage and Tiki culture, but appeal to anyone who enjoys a great mystery, ghost story, neo-noir fiction, paranormal adventure, metaphysical escape or just a good old fashioned crime novel.


Christopher Pinto's writings have been compared to "a cross between Stephen King and Mickey Spillane". As these are two of the best-selling authors of all time, he really takes that as a major compliment. Like the other authors on this site, his books have mass appeal but will also be most enjoyed by a specific audience of people who like to get lost in time and place while reading a great book.


Pinto's books are generally set in past, from the 1930s, 1950s, 1970s and 1980s. His recurring characters add a special extra fun to his stories, yet you can read any book from the series and instantly know who you're reading about and when. His Detective Bill Riggins collection is set mainly along the U.S. Atlantic Coast, in Florida, New York, New Jersey and Pennsylvania. 'Murder Behind the Closet Door' takes place mostly in South Jersey: Ocean City, Wildwood, Wildwood Crest, Cape May, Atlantic City, Egg Harbor Township, Galloway Township, Cardiff, Somers Point, and Absecon. In this book Riggins also travels from Weehawkin, NJ to Dove, Delaware. 'Murder on Tiki Island' has Riggins starting out in his home town of Weehawkin, going to work in New Yirk City, and traveling to the Florida Keys, including Key West, Islamorada and Sugarloaf Key, as well as the mythical island known as Tiki Island. 'Murder Under The Boards" has Riggins driving down to Atlantic City in his 1957 Chevy; he stays at the Stardust Motel in West Atlantic City, and motors down to Margate, NJ to visit Lucy the Elephant. Pinto grew up in these Jersey Shore Towns and now lives in South Florida, where he often vacations in the Keys.


Whether you are looking for a paranormal murder mystery, an insane adventure into a neo-noir world of crime, or quaint getaway to a tropical paradise, Stardust Mysteries Publishing will certainly hae something for you. Look for more books, music and great authors coming soon as we grow!

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