Christopher ”Tiki Chris” Pinto is the author of two paranormal mystery novels and cheif writer of the Tiki Lounge Talk Blounge (web lounge).

Murder on Tiki Island, A Noir Paranormal Mystery in the Florida Keys
(by Christopher "Tiki Chris" Pinto)

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Murder on Tiki Island,
A Noir Paranormal Murder Mystery in the Florida Keys

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    "The spookiness of the ghost story, the beautiful descriptions of an island paradise, and the rich depth of characters will keep you turning the pages in this neo-noir masterpiece. Anyone who loves Tiki Culture, tropical resorts or just plain old ghost stories and crime novels will surely enjoy Murder on Tiki island." -Crystobal, Gothic Artist
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    • Set in New York City and the Florida Keys in 1956, Murder on Tiki Island is a noir-style murder mystery ghost story that follows Detective Bill Riggins (Murder Behind the Closet Door) through a series of strange, unexplained events surrounding a murder and paranormal phenomena on Florida's world-famous Tiki Island Resort.

    • Influenced by the style made famous by pulp fiction's greatest authors from Raymond Chandler to Mickey Spillane with a Stephen King-esque approach to the supernatural, Murder on Tiki Island weaves an intricate web of lies, murder, and the occult shaken with a shot of hot dames and a chaser of cool tropical breezes.
    • Penned by "Tiki" Chris Pinto, author of the noir paranormal mystery ghost story Murder Behind the Closet Door, this 1950s style thriller will keep you hanging on edge from the first sentence to the last.
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  • marina the fire eating mermaid

  • Marina the Fire Eating Mermaid appears on the cover of Murder on Tiki Island


  • Swing back to 1956, when jazz and rock 'n' roll both ruled the airwaves, giant finned cars ruled the roadways and Tiki Bars were the hottest spots on the nightlife scene. Riggins, a New York City detective, takes a 'forced vacation' to Tiki Island in the world-famous Florida Keys and Key West. Once there he gets mixed up with the seductive daughter of the resort's wealthy owner; gets taken for a wild ride by a beautiful blonde bombshell; and gets himself suspected of a brutal murder.
  • Skeletons, mermaids, Mai Tais, Exotica music, fishing and phantoms all come together to make this Key West murder mystery a fun, old-fashioned pulp noir novel that's sure to please anyone who digs the mid-century scene, or just loves plain old fashioned noir-style detective novels. Tiki Chris Pinto's Florida Keys murder mystery will have you spooked and guessing throughout the entire story, with a few twists that will get you saying, "Wow, daddy-o! Dig that crazy scene!"


Note: If this book were rated like a movie, it would be rated NC-17 for vilolence, sex and some language. That's Noir. You've been warned.

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