Christopher ”Tiki Chris” Pinto is the author of two paranormal mystery novels and cheif writer of the Tiki Lounge Talk Blounge (web lounge).

Murder Under The Boards: The Atlantic City Paranormal Mystery
(by Christopher Pinto)

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Murder Under The Boards:
The Atlantic City Paranormal Murder Mystery

"Pinto does it again with a truly fantastic Noir paranormal crime mystery, combining the best of gumshoe detective writing with modern paranormal appeal." - Jessica Monroe

"I couldn't put it down; I read it in six hours over a rainy Sunday and felt, for those hours, I had gone back in time and 3000 miles away to a long lost Atlantic City of the past." - Jim Walker

“This book was both a load of fun and at the same time extremely hard to write, as I had to pull some longtime memories, including some that were not so nice about my old friend, Atlantic City. Although fiction, some of the crimes are rooted in fact, including the nod to print shop murders, of whom I knew the victims.”
- Christopher Pinto

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Bill Riggins is back in this spooky, sometimes funny supernatural mystery thriller. The New York City detective hasn't had a vacation in over a year. His last vacation on Tiki Island turned out to be a disaster, and when his Captain tells him to take a long weekend after an accidental run-in with a switchblade, Riggins decides to spend it home alone, drinking and listening to jazz. His quiet weekend is turned upside down when he gets a last-minute invite to spend a few days in The World's Playground, Atlantic City. Things start out great, but...

An angelic phantom. A vicious seriel killer. A deranged woman with a thing for Jazz and guns. A secret network of paranormal "protectors" and more ghosts than Hackney's has lobsters. Fill in the holes with a few fifths of Bourbon, a hot-rodded 57 Chevy and a vice cop who's on a mission of revenge, and you've got the right ingredients boiling in the pot for a wham-bang thriller.

Set in 1958 with flashbacks to the Roaring Twenties and flashes ahead to 1982, this murder mystery ghost story will have you wondering just who the bad guys are...and keep you guessing till the last sentence!

Do the murdered stay dead? Is showbiz in the glitzy Jersey shore town all it's cracked up to be? Is Atlantic City really just a magnet for crooked politicians, loose dames and crazies? Murder Under the Boards may not answer all the questions, but it sure is a fun ride trying.


A passage from "Murder Under the Boards"

She never saw it coming. Maybe she thought it strange that her “John” wore a thin black veil around his face, but being half drunk and half laid-up on reefer, she didn’t care. That was her mistake...that she thought it would just be another trick to turn with some weirdo, do it fast, get the money and run. But before she realized what was happening, a fist surrounding a roll of quarters came hard across her face, and she found herself laying in the woods, in the dark, her hands tied behind her back, blood trickling down her neck. The shadowy figure dragged her through the sharp branches and pinecones of the forest floor, not caring how it scratched her up or how much noise she made through the gag.
Fifty feet or so into the woods the figure stopped dragging.

The girl looked up with terrified eyes. A large April moon gave the only light for her to see by, a dull, bluish light that reminded her of the horror movies she loved to watch.
This time the horror was real.
The shadow stood over her.
It held a branch, a large one, four feet long, six inches in diameter, very heavy.
The girl whimpered, and closed her eyes.
It wasn’t quick, as the shadow beat her to death with the bloody branch.
She cried, she moaned, then finally fell silent.

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