Christopher ”Tiki Chris” Pinto is the author of two paranormal mystery novels and cheif writer of the Tiki Lounge Talk Blounge (web lounge).

Christopher Pinto, mystery writer

chris pinto

Christopher "Tiki Chris" Pinto has been writing since age 8. His work includes several murder mystery shows performed by StarDust Productions Mystery Theater, two novels, a book of short stories, and a website dedicated to the cool stuff from the past.

  • Christopher Pinto, is a Crazy Hot Rod Drivin' Sax Playin' Burger Eatin' Retro Kat writing murder mystery books and living in In Fort Lauderdale, Florida.

  • Pinto is the author/editor of Tiki Lounge Talk (, a web-lounge dedicated to remembering the kool stuff from the Atomic Age and beyond, from big band music to cocktails at the Tiki Bar. He's been writing for over 25 years, has had several plays produced, and has won awards for his creative efforts. During the 1990s he was producer/director of a highly successful traveling theater company in the Atlantic City area, StarDust Productions.

  • A lover of all things retro, he enjoys working on his 1953 Chevy Belair Hot Rod, plays jazz tenor sax and clarinet, and is an avid collector of vintage memorabilia. Pinto currently lives in South Florida with his wife Colleen, four birds, two cats, a dog and a Tiki Bar. For more info visit

  • In addition to writing murder mystery books, fiction and plays, Pinto has also written for the Atlantic City Press as well as several blogs and flash fictions websites, and is also and award-winning graphic designer and advertising copywriter. He is an accomplished jazz and swing clarinet and saxophone player and a collector of 20th century pop culture junk. In his spare time he restores and customizes vintage cars, including his own custom 1953 Chevy Belair hot rod (named StarDust).

Books by Christopher Pinto include:

murder behind the closet door

Murder Behind the Closet Door: The Wildwood Paranormal Mystery

Paperback: $14.95

Kindle Edition: $3.99


Official Website

murder on tiki island

Murder on Tiki Island: A Noir Paranormal Mystery in the Florida Keys

Paperback: $16.75

Kindle Edition: $3.99


Official Website

flash of noir

A Flash of Noir

Paperback : $6.49

Kindle Edition: $2.99


atlantic city murder mystery

Murder under the Boards: The Atlantic City Paranormal Mystery
(New Release!)

Paperback : $11.95

Kindle Edition: $3.99




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