Christopher ”Tiki Chris” Pinto is the author of two paranormal mystery novels and cheif writer of the Tiki Lounge Talk Blounge (web lounge).

Jennifer's Murder, Neo-Noir Paranormal Mystery
by author Christopher Pinto

Jennifer's Murder Paranormal Mystery Novel by Christopher Pinto

Black, splashes of red. The smell of death. Faces. With dead eyes. A dream, remembered. Pain. Horror. Darkness. Then nothing.

“The most original paranormal mystery I’ve read in years.” - Molly B., Michigan

“Sexy, unexpected, and filled with twists and turns.” - Victoria M., Kentucky

“A whole new take on possession and ghosts. I love it.” - Will V., Washington


JENNIFER'S MURDER is a Neo-Noir thriller that reveals our darkest hidden desires. It's a story of lust, jealousy, murder, and revenge...through multiple decades and from beyond the grave. Set in the shore town of Margate (a wealthy community just south of Atlantic City, NJ), Jennifer's Murder will take you on an adventure like no other. When Detective Syd Mitchel discovers his neighbor's mid-century beach house has an unseemly past, he calls on his contacts to stop a mysterious presence from possessing the home's new family…not so successfully. But when the family's teenage daughter becomes a victim, she doesn't give in, and begins a long, intense journey into adulthood filled with mystery, danger, exotic sexual encounters and angry spirits intent on crossing back from the afterlife.

As the reader, you will become the unintended voyeur as you delve deeper and darker into the secret, salacious lives of those who live in the upscale town of Margate. Based on true events, but presented as a voluptuous paranormal fantasy, Jennifer’s Murder will take you to private, hidden worlds very few have ever witnessed.

From writer CHRISTOPHER PINTO, author of the Bill Riggins Paranormal Mystery Series (Murder Behind the Closet Door, Murder on Tiki Island, Murder Under the Boards), How To Kill Vampires, and A Flash of Noir, comes this masterpiece of nerve-wracking, nail-biting horror set against the stormy South Jersey shore.

A chic, time-capsule mid-century house on the beach finally goes up for sale after decades of being occupied by an alcoholic recluse. But the new owners…in fact, several new owners in a short time…refuse to stay. When a family of four moves in during the winter of 2008, they’re determined to make their dream house their home…until enraged spirits make themselves known through acts of lust and deviance, and a wave of violent crime throughout the shore town. It’s up to the family’s barely adult daughter, their neighbor (a Margate City detective), and his gifted son to unravel the mystery and stop the entities before they can cause more deaths…and permanently possess the house’s new owners. Will the help of a secret underground network of paranormal volunteers and benevolent spirits, along with Lucy the Margate Elephant, be enough to stop them?


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A passage from "Jennifer's Murder" by Christopher Pinto

Julie watched with incredulous horror as two dark, almost black shadows, human-shaped yet not human, emerged slowly from the basement door. One was vaguely male, the other perceptibly female. Frozen with fear, she watched as the shadows moved through the room, passing through furniture, and right through her friends. From one person to another they glided, momentarily fusing within each person, then moving on to the next… An increasingly loud ringing filled Julie’s ears as she tried to comprehend what was happening to her, to her guests. She dropped her glass and held her palms to her ears in an attempt to shut out the ringing, but the crashing and shattering just added to her torture. She turned, and at that instant one of the shadows glided right up to her, until the blackness was face to shapeless face with her. Suddenly giant white eyes with vivid blue centers appeared directly in front of hers, staring down into her, penetrating her. Julie tried to scream but only a hoarse whisper escaped her lips. Like in a nightmare, she thought, but this was no nightmare. She was wide awake. Hoarsely she gasped, “What is happening?” The eyes before her grew wider, larger, and in an instant had raced toward Julie’s face, into her face, becoming one with her. The force knocked Julie back, and as she fell to the couch, her last thought was, ‘I’m dying.’

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