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vampire killing kit





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vampire killing kit crystobal

vampire killing kit crystobal
vampire killing kit
vampire killing kit
vampire killing kit
vampire killing kit
vampire killing kit crystobal
vampire killing kit
vampire killing kit
Early enough for Halloween! This is a full size, original-style Vampire Killing Kit used for theatrical, movie and display purposes. You simply cannot get closer to an original 19th century Vampire Killing Kit than this without traveling to Transylvania. This kit was created by the Gothic Artist CRYSTOBAL after meticulous research into the mysterious world of Vampirism, and includes all necessary prop weapons and accoutrements to slay the dreaded beast.


The Kit Includes:

• Incredible Antiqued Chest-Style Box with Coffin-Nail cross decorations, very Gothic in style and made to look 100+ years old.
• Vintage style 19th Century Dagger for display purposes only. (Must be 18 years or older to purchase this kit due to the knife.) Knife has been antiqued to look used, with remnants of Vampire blood dried on the blade.)
• Four (4) Hand-Made Black Wooden Cross Stakes with Leather binding straps, sharpened to points and antiqued to look very ancient and well used. Dried Vampire blood appears to have stained the crosses!
• Handmade Wooden Vintage-Style Rosary Beads with Cross to match the stakes.
• One Unique Leather-Bound Antiqued Mirror (for Testing Vampire's Reflection)
• One Vintage Holy Bible (at least 60 years old)
• Two Corked and Wax-Sealed Bottles to hold Holy Water (Look as if the water has evaporated and the bottles clouded with age. You can add your own Holy Water & re-seal with candle wax)
• One Corked and Wax-Sealed Bottle of Rock Salt for destroying the Vampire's resting place
• One Corked and Wax-Sealed Bottle of Consecrated Earth for destroying the Vampire's resting place
• One Antiqued Box for storing garlic cloves
• One Large Black Goth-style Candle
• One Leather-Bound Box of Vintage Style Matches
• Six Vintage Coffin Nails in a Hand-Made Vintage-Style Leather Satchel
• One Pamphlet on the Destruction of the Beast by CRYSTOBAL
• One Very Old-Looking Paper Imprinted With The Exorcism Prayer, complete with blood stains
• One 36" Length of Sterling Silver Chain for Disabling the Vampire


How The Kit Is Used:

Travelers making their way to Eastern Europe at the middle and end of the 19th Century were warned of the evil Vampyres that roamed the countryside in search of the blood of humans to devour. These kits were invented to assist these travelers against the threat of the dreaded beast.

Each item in the kit had a specific purpose for defending oneself against the beast. According to legend, Vampires are pure evil, and therefore cannot bear anything pure of the earth or made in devotion to God. The Rosary, Holy Water and Crucifix are powerful symbols of man's faith in God, and when backed by that faith can deter the beast. Placing these items directly upon the beast's flesh can cause intense pain and burning, and simple act of producing the items for the vampire can see is usually enough to repel them from an attack. However it is widely accepted that these items cannot kill or destroy the vampire, although prolonged exposure of or immersion into Holy Water will in fact dissolve the vampire to its demise.

The Silver Chain and Dagger: Silver, being pure and of the earth, can repel the beast but will not destroy it. A single chain of pure silver will disable the vampire long enough for the victim to escape, or to secure other weapons from the kit. The dagger can then be used to stab through the heart or throat. Once incapacitated, the dagger can be used to remove the head from the Vampire, one of the ways to destroy the beast.

The Stakes are the most effective weapon to destroy the vampire. Because vampires are dead, their bodies become soft with slow decay (although their appearance may remain lifelike under the spell vampirism, and restored to a healthier look with each feeding). The wooden stakes (again, wood being pure and of the earth) can be easily thrust into the chest of the beast. Piercing the heart will kill the vampire almost immediately. Piercing the chest, throat or abdomen in any area will likely incapacitate all but the strongest of vampires, long enough to finish the job. The black-wood stakes in this kit are made from a very special tree that only grows in subtropical climates. The wood is very strong yet lightweight, and is perfect for this usage.

The coffin nails are included to nail the beast's coffin shut while he/she sleeps inside. This is a temporary way to stop the vampire from attacking until a suitable destruction method is determined.

The rock salt, being pure and of the earth, can be sprinkled in the open, unoccupied casket where the vampire sleeps, rendering it unusable by the beast. Without a proper resting place, the vampire will become weak, and struggle to find a suitable place to hide from the sunlight at dawn.

Garlic has been long known to repel the vampire's advances. The beast cannot bear its strong, pure oder. Only a few cloves are needed to deter the vampire from coming within attack distance.

The candle and matches are included for finding your way through dark crypts in the dead of night.

This is a spectacular kit as can be seen in the photos, and surpasses any other of its kind available is terms of authenticity and realism!

The inside of the box is custom-fitted to the bottles and other items. The mirror slides into a compartment in the front of the box and the cross fits snuggly on top of the other items. The Gun/Dagger, itself a great display piece, fits into the inside top of the box. The outside of the box is decorated with coffin nails and a St Christopher medal. There is very nice patina on the fittings. This thing looks like something from Eastern Europe from 150 years ago, kept in spectacular condition.

The entire kit has been aged/antiqued to make it appear as close to a kit from the turn of the century as possible. Every detail has been accounted for, down to the cork-topped bottles sealed with wax to the Holy Bible printed in English ("Real" kits were designed for English-speaking travelers, and were NOT printed in Romanian.)

This kit is made to display as seen in the photos and is not intended for actual use against Vampires.

This Vampire Killing Kit would make an excellent addition to any Goth art collection, Occult collection, Halloween party, costume or display. It looks fantastic!

This kit was created Gothic Artist Crystobal. The detail that has gone into this kit is amazing. Even the inside of the box has been antiqued to look authentic. The Prayer paper looks like a piece of 100 year old stock. The pamphlet outlining the weaknesses of and methods of destroying the Vampire is an exceptional quality print copy of an original piece. I've been told the original prints sell for upwards of $200.


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 I had the honor of meeting the incredibly talented artist, known only as CRYSTOBAL, many years ago. He agreed to build several sets and props for StarDust Productions, mainly for our Halloween Shows. I still have some of those pieces today, including his personal Vampire Killing Kit. CRYSTOBAL still haunts our plane of existence, but lives in seclusion and prefers to remain anonymous. He occasionally creates a new pieces, selling them to friends or on Ebay. If anyone is interested in having a custom Vampire Killing Kit made for them, please contact me at, and I'll pass along the message.
Custom made kits start at $400